Electric Vans

Finance for Electric Vans

Our team of specialists have significant vehicle finance experience working with customers in the Electric Van Market.

Looking for an Electric Van?

We are all encouraged to swap to electric or hybrid vehicles to reduce our carbon footprints and emissions. The growth in the electric van market means there is a make and model available to suit every need and budget, whether you are involved in removals, household waste clearance, or parcel delivery.

Many businesses are still wary of swapping to electric vans and sinking much-needed capital into such vehicles. Charter Hall can help. Our electric van finance deals give you access to the ideal electric van at an affordable cost.

Why Choose an Electric Van?

Electric vans are growing in popularity because they reduce your reliance on petrol and diesel and help cut your carbon footprint. The growing number of charging stations and improvements in running and charging times encourages more businesses to invest in electric vans.

However, some companies are still reluctant to rely on older vans or still use private vehicles. Neither option is cost-effective in the long run, and there are numerous reasons businesses should not use private cars, including falling foul of insurance terms and conditions.

Why Choose an Electric Van Loan?

While the cost of buying an electric vehicle has fallen, they are still not cheap, and expenses can soon mount up. As well as the initial purchase price, you need to consider charging costs, insurance and maintenance. There are tax breaks and incentives available for businesses on electric vans, but you need to look into these carefully.

Electric van finance deals and leases are tailored to meet your business needs. They are designed to provide you with the ideal electric van for your industry in return for affordable monthly payments. More importantly, tailored electric van finance deals allow you to keep up with your business’s changing needs. You can upgrade your vehicle at regular intervals without the hassle of finding a buyer and losing money through depreciation.

Why Choose Charter Hall for your Electric Van Loan?