Asset Finance

Where do you go when you see your business’ growth potential but cannot pursue the opportunities due to lack of working capital? At Charter Hall Asset Finance – we can help!

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Asset finance allows you to make the most of the assets you already have and release cash from their value. Alternatively, it can provide access to business assets such as vehicles, machinery or equipment. Charter Hall Asset Finance are here to help you!

Asset finance loan definition

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance can help make dreams a reality! For businesses looking to purchase the latest piece of equipment, vehicle or machinery without breaking the bank; asset finance is an ideal solution. By using your new assets as security on the loan, you get fast and cost-effective access to all kinds of exciting possibilities for growth.

Get the asset you need right now with a hire purchase or lease agreement – we have specialist finance providers that can make it happen. And if you already own valuable assets, why not unlock their potential and get some extra capital?