Asset Finance.

Where do you go when you see your business’ growth potential but cannot pursue the opportunities due to lack of working capital? At Charter Hall Asset Finance – we can help!

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Asset finance allows you to make the most of the assets you already have and release cash from their value. Alternatively, it can provide access to business assets such as vehicles, machinery or equipment. Charter Hall Asset Finance are here to help you!

Asset finance loan definition

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance is a flexible funding approach that gives your business access to the technology, plant, vehicles or equipment it needs to grow and perform. It achieves this without compromising your cash flow and can be used for second-hand as well as new assets.

You can also use asset finance to release cash from assets that your company already owns. Asset finance has become the quickest frowning finance option in the past few years across all industries and business sizes.

Charter Hall Solutions:

Types of Asset Finance we offer

Asset finance is a collective term for a range of funding solutions that include:

Hire Purchase

A simple way to purchase the asset you need and spread the cost is through hire purchase. The asset is paid for in instalments, meaning that the item shows on your balance sheet.


The quickest way to access the value of assets you already own is through Capital release or refinancing. Doing this allows you to use the asset's value where it is needed most to grow your business.

Finance Lease

If you want to use an asset without the hassle or expense of owning it outright, a finance lease arrangement might be right for you. You pay to rent the asset and gain full use of it over a flexible rental period.

Operating Lease

This is similar to a finance lease. You still rent the asset, but only for part of its useful life.

Asset finance loan definition

Why Choose Charter Hall?

Our combination of principles, people and products make us stand out from the competition. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and neither are their financial needs.


Charter Hall Team

Our team works with you to understand the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve.


Products you need

Our range of products ensures that there is something that is right for you. We always start with your needs.


Charter Hall Commitment

At Charter Hall, we make a simple commitment to our customers – to help them make the right financial decision for their needs and future growth plans.

Industry Specialists

The individual customer is at the heart of what we do, but our lending decisions are underpinned by our industry expertise. Here are just some of the industries we cover: