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Catering and Vending

Catering and Vending

Catering is a dynamic industry where individuals and companies need to be at the top of their game to meet customer demands.

Catering covers everything from small independent cafes and food trucks to multinational restaurants and public houses. Hospital canteens, school lunches, prison kitchens, vending machines, and hotels all need various equipment to run smoothly and profitably.

The problem arises when you either need machinery finance to start up a catering enterprise or replace broken, unsafe, or outdated catering equipment.

Asset Finance

Why choose asset finance through Charter Hall?

How do you compete in a complex and vibrant market sector when you cannot raise the capital you need for vital catering and venting equipment?

The answer is to source equipment financed by equity through an experienced asset finance company. At Charter Hall, we have the skills and experience needed to find the right catering equipment finance package for you.

Our team understands the complexities of your business and the importance of keeping up with your customers’ changing tastes and requirements. By investing in hire purchase catering equipment, you can ensure you have the right equipment at an affordable cost.

Catering Equipment

Finance your equipment to help build your business and fulfil your ambitions.

If hire purchase is not for you, we can explore finance or operating leases. We help you finance equipment that complies with the latest health and safety and food hygiene guidance. Whatever solution is right for you, we tailor your repayment plan to your specific needs.

Charter Hall helps you fulfil your ambitions and grow your business while ensuring you are not stretching your cash flow beyond its limits.

Examples of sectors include Bakers, Bars and public houses, Cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. As well as Fish and chip shops and other takeaway outlets.

Examples of equipment we can finance:

  • Bakery equipment
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Coffee machines and grinders
  • Cooking equipment
  • Fish & Chip shop equipment
  • Food prep, process & handling equipment
  • Hotel & Bistro equipment
  • Public House equipment
  • Refrigeration, air-con and cool room units
  • Vending machines
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