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An industry worth £120bn

The UK leisure industry is worth £120bn according to KPMG, with the average family spending around 22% of their weekly budget on leisure activities.

However, the industry is still reeling from two years of shutdowns, reduced capacities and worried customers. Getting started in a leisure industry business or growing a business can be difficult under these circumstances.

Equipment, games, vehicles and other machinery that has sat unused or underused may now be out of date or need repair. Buildings may need freshening up, and everything needs to meet customers’ requirements.

All this can be difficult with limited or no available capital.

That is where Charter Hall come in. We are experts in finding asset finance solutions for businesses across the leisure industry.

Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, amusement park, cinema, or beachfront amusements, we can help find you the financial solution you need to upgrade or start your business.

Asset Finance

Why choose asset finance for your Leisure business

We have access to a range of machinery finance solutions, including refinancing, Hire Purchase agreements and leasing options. We work with you to find the solution that works for your business and your cash flow.

Whether you are looking for leisure loans to upgrade your soft play area or need leisure vehicle loans to support your off-road driving experience, we can help.

Charter Hall works with you to understand seasonal changes in your business and how that affects your income. We look at the type of equipment you need and whether it needs upgrading regularly or retains value over time.

Leisure Equipment

Leisure finance products

Machinery finance is available for large and small equipment. We can help you improve your fleet of go-karts, freeing up capital for building works, new tracks and safety equipment or getting your marketing off the ground.

Similarly, we can support you in purchasing freezers and modern ice cream machines, so you are ready for the summer rush, rather than struggling with constant breakdowns and turning away customers because you don’t have the capacity and the busiest time of the year.

If you are looking at moving into the leisure industry, you might find traditional lenders like banks are reluctant to take a risk. While you may raise the capital for the building through a mortgage, they may not want to finance the equipment you need.

Hire purchase and leasing agreements reduce the risk to the lender and allow you to build up your business. You have manageable payments tailored to you and the equipment you need to earn the income to pay for the agreements.

Examples of some of the family leisure financing we offer:

  • Go-Karts
  • Gaming machines
  • Ice cream equipment
  • Freezers
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Playground and soft play equipment
  • Bouncy castles
  • Bowling alley equipment
  • Pool and snooker tables
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