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Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare and Medical

Access to suitable finance is a must for medical and healthcare providers

Whether you are setting up or expanding your practice, or replacing broken or ageing equipment, access to suitable finance is a must for medical and healthcare providers.

Not having the equipment you need can be detrimental to your patients and income. If you cannot provide a service your patients need, they will seek it elsewhere.

You cannot allow a lack of available capital to stop you from investing in your practice and future. This is where Charter Hall comes in; we can provide asset finance solutions perfect for your needs.

Our healthcare and medical team can find solutions that support your upgrades, renovations and investments without breaking the bank.

We work with you to determine the best equipment and machinery finance approach, whether that is refinancing, hire purchase, operating or financing leases.

Asset Finance

Choosing the right asset finance route for your healthcare or medical business

Hire Purchase is the favoured route for healthcare and medical businesses seeking to own the asset at the completion of the finance arrangement.

Finance leases are the preferred option where you need the asset for a fixed period. You have a range of options at the end of the lease agreement, including starting a new lease period, upgrading to new equipment or returning the asset.

Operating leases work in much the same way as finance leases; however, they are for shorter periods, giving you greater flexibility and ensuring you have access to the most modern equipment and can upgrade more easily.

Healthcare and Medical Equipment

Healthcare and medical equipment Asset Finance

Leasing or financing medical equipment is becoming an increasingly popular way of funding crucial healthcare technology and equipment for healthcare and medical organisations and businesses of all sizes. Medical equipment financing enables you to break down the cost of state-of-the-art equipment into practicable monthly payments.

Charter Hall can arrange finance for:

  • Anaesthetic equipment
  • Defibrillators
  • IT equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Safe patient lifting equipment
  • Specialist hospital beds
  • Surgical equipment
  • Treatment tables
  • Ultrasound machines
  • Ventilators
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