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Gain employment independence with a Franchise

Many people dream of owning their own business, wanting the freedom of working for themselves in a sector they know and love. One way to achieve this is through a franchise. You gain support from the parent company and run a marketable, well-known and easily recognised name. Going down this route gives you a head start in your chosen business sector.

However, there are still difficulties to consider. Not all franchises run the same. You may find that you need to pay a sum up front and purchase equipment, materials, and machinery to get started.

The costs of opening or expanding a franchise soon mount up and can be prohibitive if you do not have ready access to enough capital.

Working with Charter Hall removes some of the upfront costs, enabling you to start sooner with equipment and machinery finance.

Asset Finance

Franchise funding from Charter Hall Asset Finance

When you consider a franchise, it is essential to factor in all the costs, upfront and ongoing. You need to know precisely how much capital you need and the level of income you need to break even. Franchise business loans are one answer to upfront costs. However, if you don’t have a proven track record, you could find many lenders won’t help.

Franchise start-up loans are only part of the picture, though. You can cover machinery and equipment costs through asset finance. One of the reasons this is more accessible is because the asset acts as collateral. If you do not keep up with repayments, your lease can be terminated or your hire purchase agreement revoked.

The consequences of non-payment are one of the reasons why it is crucial to carefully choose your asset finance company.

You need a company that understands your business sector and can tailor agreements to meet your needs and cash flow. That is precisely what we do at Charter Hall. We have over 20 years of experience in sourcing asset finance solutions for businesses in various sectors across the UK.

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